Movie Posters Section complete

Finally I can say that the Movie Posters gallery is complete. It was quite a work moving all the pictures and movie info from the old layout, to the new layout. But now it’s done! An image collection of the

Surprise Package Screencaps


I’ve just added a few screencaps of the movie “Surprise Package”… Just go to the Movie Posters section, and click on the little camera icon, and you’ll be taken to the screencaps gallery of this funny movie. And of course,

The Magnificent King Version 2

As I said in a previous post, I had been starting repairing broken links, uploading my old videos, and so on. I had also found a way to make things a little less “manual” and a little more “automatic”, but

Please link back to my site!

I’ve noticed that there are websites that have been using most of my wallpapers as a background for their pages, which is ok, but at least if you are going to repost my artwork without my permission, be nice and